Rowing Coach - Basic Course

The Rowing Coach Basic course is aimed at rowers and coaches who want to improve their teaching or coaching abilities, including coaching competitive and non-competitive rowers. Because the insights about both the ideal stroke and about coaching (differential learning) have seen some drastic changes over the past years, this course is also highly recommended for former rowers and coaches. Finally, the course is very useful for rowers keen to find ways to improve their own rowing technique.

The course is structured around the rowing stroke and aims to answer questions such as: What does the current ideal stroke look like? How can I teach rowers a new technique in an effective and efficient manner? What behaviour makes someone more effective as a rowing coach? For this, in the course we greatly encourage the use of modern aids such as the balancing board, the use of videos and differential learning exercises.

Stichting Roeicoach ("Rowing Coach Foundation"), established in 2017, has so far provided training courses to over 225 Dutch rowers and coaches. 
This success has lead to the decision to offer a multi-day intensive international (basic) coaching course in summer 2019:

Location: Dreisbach an der Saar, Germany
Date: 14-18 august 2019
Language used during the course: English
Price: €690,-
Program: Program Basic Coaching Course
Booking info: Contact me